Justin - Graduate of the Policy Officer Recruitment Programme

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Hometown: Brampton, ON

Graduate Degree: Master of Political Science, York University

Joined PORP in: 2005

Today: Since graduating from the PORP, Justin remains employed as a Policy Officer at DND.  He has worked on issues such as chemical/biological weapons, and Canada-Russia defence relations.  He has been posted to the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC. and to Parliamentary Affairs.


Justin says: “I became very interested in defence and security issues in my graduate studies, and the PORP presented a perfect opportunity to continue fulfilling my interest. The reputation of the Policy Group was well known, and the PORP is a great way to get into government and start a career in the Public Service–not just in DND. In short, the career opportunities are endless”.

Why Justin recommends the PORP:

“The PORP is one of the few recruitment programs in government where the academic background and experience of a candidate is directly relevant to the position – you do what you’ve trained for during all those years in university!”

“The emphasis on varied experience within the PORP allows individuals to grow professionally, dynamically, and quickly.” 

“The small size of the DND Policy Group, but wide policy reach, means there are a variety of interesting files to work on.”

Highlights of his favourite experiences in the PORP:

  • His first multilateral experience: When supporting the Canada-hosted 2008 Conference of the Defence Ministers of the Americas in Banff, Alberta, Justin attended bilateral defence policy discussions between Canada and a number of Latin American/Caribbean delegations.
  • Meeting Canadian Armed Forces members firsthand in an operational setting, away from Ottawa.
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