Vivian - Graduate of the Policy Officer Recruitment Programme

Hometown: Burnaby, BC

Graduate Degree: Master of Public Administration, Queen’s University

Joined PORP in: 2011

Today: Following her graduation from the PORP, Vivian was posted to the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations in New York in the fall of 2014 as a Junior Advisor.


Vivian said: “The PORP was recommended to me by a professor when I was completing my Master’s program.  I was aware of a number of development programs within the Government of Canada, but I was particularly drawn to the opportunity for rotations, as well as the possibility of international postings.”



Why Vivian recommends the PORP:

“The annual rotations are a great way to gain a broad range of substantive experiences in policy sector, and to gain a stronger understanding of the various stages of policy development and implementation.” 

“The knowledge that you will gain – whether related to the operation of government or to Canada's foreign and security policies – will provide you with a strong foundation for a successful career in the Public Service.” 



Highlights of her favourite experiences in the PORP:

  • Cabinet Liaison: In her first rotation as a Policy Officer, Vivian contributed to the development of several Memoranda to Cabinet, and prepared senior officials for Cabinet discussions.
  • High-level meetings: Vivian contributed to the planning of the Halifax International Security Forum, an international security conference attended by high-level officials and defence experts from around the world.
  • Writing speeches for senior officials: While in the Directorate of Public Policy, Vivian developed speeches for senior officials – including the Minister of National Defence and the Chief of the Defence Staff – for use at home and abroad.
  • Western Hemisphere Policy: Most recently, Vivian was the desk officer responsible for policies related to domestic operations, intergovernmental relations, and Canada-United States defence relations.
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