60 Seconds with Sherry Romanado, Parliamentary Secretary, Associate Minister of Defence and Chief Warrant Officer Colleen Halpin, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Group

Video / October 26, 2017


Sherry Romanado, Parliamentary Secretary for Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) Minister and Associate Minister of Defence and Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Colleen Halpin, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff (VCDS) Group

Ms. Sherry Romanado: We follow orders well, don’t we?

CWO Colleen Halpin: Yes, we do.

1. CWO Colleen Halpin: First question, do you think women have broken the glass ceiling or are there still improvements to make?

Absolutely, all kinds of women have broken all kinds of ceilings, we’re pretty messy people, and there’s lots more improvements to be made.

2. Ms. Sherry Romanado: What historical event impacted you most as a woman? Absolutely, a woman’s ability to vote in Canada; absolutely for me.

CWO Colleen Halpin: Besides my birth, I would say yeah, the fact we became women under the law. I think that’s very important – 1929.

3. CWO Colleen Halpin: What would you say is the best way to break down barriers facing women in Defence and Security?

Much like the last question, just go for it, do it, don’t make any excuses. Get out there, do your thing, show them what you can do and the rest will take of itself.

Ms. Sherry Romanado: I agree whole heartedly. Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

4. CWO Colleen Halpin: Why is it important to recognize and explore women’s history? Well, I think if we don’t remember what we’ve done, we sometimes forget where we are. And I think we have to keep going forward. We don’t like to talk about ourselves, we’re very unassuming. But we have to, because the young women are looking up to us and they need to see that they can do it, and they need to see themselves in us.

5. Ms. Sherry Romanado: A woman who currently inspires me is, I’d have to say, one of my mentors: Heather Munroe-Blum, who was the principle and vice-chancellor at McGill University. Who convinced me that the sky’s the limit; went back to school. Convinced me that I could run for office. And so she’s definitely someone who inspires me.

CWO Colleen Halpin: I’d say my mom, of course, who raised me right, and my wife who continues to raise me right.

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