CAF Story | “Squeeze the trigger”

Video / January 12, 2018


Cpl Dave Ferguson: A lot of this shooting is not making mistakes. It’s… I focus on the one thing that sort of, is going to help me with the match. The rest of it comes down to practice and repetition.

I’m Corporal Dave Ferguson, One Nova Scotia Highlanders, from Springhill, Nova Scotia. I work for the Canadian Coast Guard.

Cpl Ed Ferguson: My name is Corporal Ed Ferguson; besides the Reserves, I am enrolled at St. Mary’s University in Halifax. I’d say we’re both kind of on the same team, even though we’re competing against each other. But, if one of us takes it, we’re both okay with that. But still try as hard as we can to beat each other I’d say.

Cpl Dave Ferguson: For me, I don't know about him, but there’s no rivalry. I just, if he’s doing well, I want to do as well as he can. I don't keep any secrets from him and, yeah. So, if he wins I’m happy, if I win I’m happy.

Cpl Ed Ferguson: I know he’s very fierce competition, especially because we’ve had similar training and upbringing. So, it almost comes down to who has a better day, that year. Every match, you learn something new, so I maybe need to focus on squeezing the trigger better, just for that one particular match. So, every time you shoot you learn something, or get reminded of something you need to do better next time.

Cpl Dave Ferguson: It could be as simple as squeeze the trigger, something simple like that. And it’s a basic thing, but when you’re under pressure you, kind of forget, you forget to do that. And squeeze the trigger, stay tight in the position. Just 100% focus on that match.

My dad did the same thing, shot as a Reserve, and did well. And then, I guess I just followed his footsteps and wanted to see if I could do it. But it all came from trying to win once, and then finally achieve that goal and, I think it’s, I like to set a goal and try to achieve it.

Cpl Ed Ferguson: The nerves aspect before shooting. But I don't know exactly what he goes through, but I find I can deal with the pressure, like, pretty well, and fire so far good shots as if we would in practice.

Cpl Dave Ferguson: My brother did pretty well last year. I think he was in first right up until the last, last bit, and I think he cross fired and then, I didn’t, yeah.

Cpl Ed Ferguson: I was in the lead by, I bet a few points. And I got to the mound, and I accidentally lined on the wrong target, and I fired two in the wrong target, so that was at least 8 points down, and he ended up winning by one point.

Cpl Dave Ferguson: He didn’t seem too upset, he probably was but, that’s part of it, sort of. So much pressure sometimes and it’s not even the shooting aspect, it’s just don’t make a mistake and that happens. It happens to everyone.

Cpl Ed Ferguson: It kind of does sting a little bit, when you lose at Queen’s for a mistake that trivial, so…

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