CAF Story | The CAF is life changing

Video / September 8, 2017


I joined the Forces because I wanted to demonstrate my commitment to my country. I’m Lieutenant-Commander Kelly Williamson and I’m a Public Affairs Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. On a day to day basis, I work with media and the Canadian public to help explain to Canadians what their Armed Forces are doing, both domestically and internationally.

I’ve been in the Forces for just over 20 years, and I’ve so many great experiences. You know, they weren’t fun at the time. Going through some of the training; it was hard, it was extremely challenging. But I remember being a Sub-e and developing the comradery in the wardroom, and the friendship, and yeah, every time I step aboard a Frigate it sort of, takes me back. But it takes me back to the good memories: To late at night on the bridge, standing watch and telling jokes between the main engine room and the bridge team. Just to make sure everybody was still engaged because it is so dark at nighttime on a bridge. And like, it really gives you a sense of satisfaction to know that at such a young age, you’re responsible for the 220, 250 lives on board as Officer of the Watch. I love it, and again, it’s not because of the hardware, it’s really because of the people.

I always did want to be a Public Affairs Officer, so after serving about eight years as a MARS Officer, I switched into public affairs. And again, it’s just been another great adventure since then. I got to go to Afghanistan, and Haiti, and Nepal, and my experiences there were life changing. It really put our way of life here in Canada in perspective, and made me appreciate my friendships, my career, and everything we have and enjoy as Canadians.

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