Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Training Centre

Backgrounder / August 15, 2013 / Project number: BG 13.036

As activity in Canada’s Arctic accelerates, the military will play an increasingly vital role in demonstrating a visible Canadian presence in this potentially resource-rich region. The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) must have the capacity to conduct training exercises and execute operations in the Arctic, and to continue to help other government agencies respond to any challenges that may arise.

To this end, the Department of National Defence (DND) has entered into a partnership with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to construct a joint facility in Resolute Bay, Nunavut. The existing facility housing NRCan’s Polar Continental Shelf Program was expanded to accommodate the CAF Arctic Training Centre (CAF ATC).

The CAF ATC will provide a permanent footprint in a strategic location that will allow for staging and force projection across the high Arctic. The facility will enable training and routine operations by providing a location to pre-position equipment and vehicles, and can also serve as a command post for emergency operations and disaster response in support of civilian authorities.

The Canadian Army (CA) is the lead agency for developing the CAF ATC in Resolute Bay. The CA remains committed to conducting operations and exercises in the Arctic to preserve and enhance their ability to operate in that region. The CAF ATC will accommodate training for Canadian Rangers, Arctic Company Response Groups, the Arctic Operations Advisor Course, search and rescue, CA sovereignty operations, and CAF joint exercises.

The CAF ATC will allow the CA to generate sufficient forces at an appropriate level of readiness for force employment to help meet the range of objectives and contingencies specified by the Government of Canada. Further, as a joint CAF facility, the CAF ATC will host two Royal Canadian Air Force courses: the first by the Canadian Forces School of Search and Rescue; and the second by the Canadian Forces School of Survival and Aeromedical Training.

Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Training Centre facilities include:

  • Accommodations for up to 140 DND/CAF personnel
  • Dining and recreation building
  • 1100 square meters of warehouse space, including:
    • Facilities for mechanical wor
    • Vehicle storag
    • Classroom
    • Briefing rooms
    • Operations centre


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