Canadian Military Police Train Ukrainian Investigators during Operation UNIFIER

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Article / December 23, 2016

By: Joint Task Force - Ukraine

In November 2016, Canadian Military Police instructors graduated another Military Police Investigations Course (MPIC) class of 20 Ukrainian Military Law and Order Service members in Kyiv, Ukraine.

This specialized course provided focussed instruction for investigators in the arts of interview and interrogation as well as the management and processing of crime scenes. The training, a mixture of theory and practical lessons, was delivered over a two-week span and concluded with a final exam covering all topics.

“The most recent graduation marks the sixth MPIC course run, with 121 students trained since the summer of 2015,” said Major Paul Mellema, head of Military Police training on Operation UNIFIER. “These training opportunities have been mutually beneficial for Ukrainian and Canadian soldiers alike. I have found this to be a very rewarding experience.”

In addition to training and developing expertise from the ground up, Canada is playing an important role as co-chair on the Military Policing Sub-Committee of the Multinational Joint Commission on Defense Reform and Security Cooperation with Ukraine. Canadian Armed Forces members are providing valuable advice and expertise specifically within the realm of military policing at the institutional level as the Ukrainian Armed Forces develops a modern and effective Military Police department.

Joint Task Force - Ukraine has provided MP training to the Ukrainian Armed Forces through two types of courses: the MPIC, as well as a Use of Force course that is designed to teach arrest procedures employing reasonable, necessary, and legally justifiable force.

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