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News Release / October 12, 2000

TORONTO -- The Honourable Art Eggleton, Minister of National Defence, today unveiled the Government's policy for Land Force Reserve Restructure (LFRR). Based on recommendations from the Minister's Monitoring Committee, the Government has provided policy direction for the long term modernization and revitalization of the Army Reserve.

In the first phase of the process, DND has committed $42 million over the next two years to strengthen personnel levels of the Army Reserve to 15,500 from the current level of 13,500. Other initiatives will include improved training for Reservists, a reduction to the administrative workload faced by Reserve units, and the delivery of state-of-the-art equipment including uniforms, grenade launchers, ½-tonne jeeps and 3 tonne-trucks.

The Army Reserve, located in communities across the country, is a cornerstone of Canada's proud military heritage.

"We need these citizen soldiers more now than at any time since the Second World War," said Minister Eggleton. "Over the past few years, Reservists have been called upon frequently to contribute to international peace, stability and human security throughout the world. Our policy for Land Force Reserve Restructure will ensure that the Army Reserve remains an important contributor to Canada's defence effort as well as continuing to be integral to the success of Canadian Forces missions at home and abroad."

Reservists from across Canada have played key roles in international peacekeeping operations such as Bosnia and Kosovo. They have also come to the aid of Canadians in times of crisis such as the Winnipeg and Saguenay floods and the Ice Storm of 1998. The Government's policy will ensure a strong Army Reserve will continue to be able to respond when needed.

The Minister's Monitoring Committee, led by the Honourable John A. Fraser, has been instrumental in helping to lay the foundation for this process and will continue to monitor the progress made by the Canadian Forces on Land Force Reserve Restructure.

"Ongoing consultations and evaluation will be critical to ensure the Army Reserve is well positioned to meet the challenges of the future," said Mr. Fraser. "With my colleagues on the Minister's Monitoring Committee, I look forward to participating in this crucial endeavor."

Based on the new Government policy, the Canadian Forces have developed a strategic plan to improve the Reserves and, in the longer term, to ensure that they remain a relevant and integral part of the Army.

"With our two-phased strategic plan, we will ensure that the Army Reserve is restructured and revitalized in a prudent and effective manner," said Lieutenant-General Mike Jeffery. "A number of initiatives, including increased personnel numbers and new equipment, will help us achieve our goals over the next two years. After Phase I we will evaluate the process to ensure that we continue with the best course of action for further restructure of the Land Force Reserve."

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