HMCS Charlottetown participated in Exercise JOINT WARRIOR 162

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Article / October 21, 2016

By Lieutenant (Navy) Benoit Plante, Public Affairs Officer, HMCS Charlottetown

From October 9 to 15, Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Charlottetown participated in Exercise JOINT WARRIOR 162 (JW 162), a multi-national joint task force training exercise conducted off the coast of the United Kingdom. The exercise involved more than 30 warships that were supported at sea by maritime patrol and rotary wing aircraft.

JW 162 was based on a complex scenario concerning a conflict between two fictional countries. HMCS Charlottetown, as part of a task group, was tasked to enforce simulated United Nations Security Council Resolutions in order to restore peace and security in the area.

“Exercise JOINT WARRIOR 162 is an excellent training opportunity for our ship; we have conducted operations in the whole spectrum of warfare capabilities,” said Commander Andrew Hingston, Commanding Officer of HMCS Charlottetown. “When you have to work as part of a Joint Task Force, the coordination of warfare operations is always challenging; however, I can proudly say that HMCS Charlottetown succeeded brilliantly in the coordination of all aspects of the exercise.”

HMCS Charlottetown participated in a variety of naval exercises that focused on maritime interdiction and boarding operations, air defence, above surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, fast-attack-craft countermeasures, and air maritime integration.

Training scenarios also included the ship’s CH-124 Sea King Helicopter. It contributed to reconnaissance and surveillance missions and provided aerial protection to both the ship and its consorts. Moreover, HMCS Charlottetown’s Enhanced Naval Boarding Party conducted several boarding operations of suspect vessels to put an end to smuggling activities.

“All the maritime operations we conducted during JOINT WARRIOR contributed to further build our interoperability with our NATO partners,” affirmed Commander Hingston. “As we continue on our deployment on Operation REASSURANCE, interoperability will continue to be a major component of our activities.”

HMCS Charlottetown is currently deployed on Operation REASSURANCE, the Canadian Armed Forces’ support to NATO’s assurance and deterrence measures in Central and Eastern Europe.

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