“Montreal Street” is inaugurated in Pristina, Kosovo

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Article / April 25, 2017 / Project number: kob20170425

By: Lieutenant-Colonel Simon Poudrier, Commander of Task Force Pristina, Operation Kobold

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) who are currently taking part in Operation KOBOLD in Kosovo found an original way to celebrate Montreal’s 375th anniversary, the 150th anniversary of Confederation and Francophonie Month by inaugurating “Montreal Street” near NATO headquarters in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. This original idea also marks the first time that such a thing has been done on this Canadian mission, which began at the start of the 1990s.

The 150th anniversary of Confederation is an opportunity to engage and inspire Canadians in their communities and to celebrate our shared values, our achievements, the majesty of our environment and our place in the world, wherever we are. It was through that lens that these military professionals from the Montreal area came up with the idea of giving a Canadian name to a street on the NATO base for the first time.

These soldiers are taking part in the CAF contribution to the NATO-led peacekeeping operation in Kosovo, the Kosovo Force (KFOR).

The Ambassador of Canada to the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Kosovo, Daniel Maksymiuk, inaugurated the street in the company of the KFOR deputy commander, Brigadier‑General Christian Riener from the Austrian Federal Army, and an ardent supporter of the project, the commander of NATO’s Camp Film City, Colonel Brian Monahan of the Irish Defence Forces, on 14 March 2017.

During the inauguration, Mr. Maksymiuk took the opportunity to praise Canadian heritage and Canada’s contribution to this NATO operation in the company of several international representatives.

There are currently five CAF members deployed as part of Operation KOBOLD. They perform logistics and headquarters support functions. The task force commander also serves as chief of the NATO Joint Logistics Operations Centre.

These experienced military personnel hold various staff positions at KFOR headquarters, including helping develop the Kosovo security force and coordinate logistics support for the NATO force.

The CAF have been contributing to the NATO mission in Kosovo since the end of the 1990s. The deployment of soldiers taking part in this operation shows Canada’s commitment to NATO and its contribution to peace and stability in the region.

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