Operation IMPACT Role 2 Medical Facility changes command

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Article / May 4, 2017

By Captain Matt Zalot, Public Affairs Officer, Joint Task Force Iraq Detachment Erbil

On April 25, 2017, Lieutenant-Colonel David Coker assumed command of the multinational Operation IMPACT Role 2 Medical Facility. He took over from Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Morin at a ceremony at the medical facility, located in Camp Érable in Erbil, Iraq.

Brigadier-General Daniel MacIsaac, Commander of Joint Task Force-Iraq, presided over the change-of-command ceremony. He thanked the outgoing team for their successful mission and spoke of his confidence in the incoming team, reminding them to have faith in their high-quality training.  Both Lieutenant-Colonel Morin and Lieutenant-Colonel Coker also spoke briefly.  A simple handshake completed the official transfer of command.

“Our job is to save lives,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Coker. “We have been well trained to do so. The Global Coalition values Canada’s contribution and they know that the Role 2 hospital staff, both Canadian and German, have their backs. We are proud to be here in support of our Iraqi partners and prepared to provide any required medical care to our Coalition allies.”

With this change of command, nearly the entire Role 2 leadership and staff also changed over, as planned. Both the incoming and outgoing contingents are primarily from 1 Canadian Field Hospital, based in Petawawa.

Canada’s Role 2 Medical Facility has the mandate to provide lifesaving medical and surgical care to Coalition forces. Its capabilities include resuscitation, damage control surgery, intensive care, support, dental care, diagnostic imaging, pharmacy, and a medical lab. The Canadian Armed Forces is also providing medical equipment and supplies needed to run the facility.

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