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Article / April 26, 2015

The National Defence Public Affairs Office (NDPAO) – Quebec, located in Montréal, is seeking opportunities to dialogue with communities in the province and offer them information and advice on the policies, projects, activities and programs of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Department of National Defence (DND). These outreach activities include presentations, roundtable discussions, formal meetings and familiarization visits.


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Afghanistan Memorial Vigil

Guests of NDPAO – Quebec and Royal Military College Saint-Jean had an opportunity to see the Afghanistan Memorial Vigil during a special viewing on March 13, 2015.

One of the ways the DND and the CAF are commemorating the service of Canadian personnel is through an Afghanistan Memorial Vigil.

The Vigil commemorates those who lost their lives during the Canadian mission in Afghanistan: 158 CAF personnel, a Canadian diplomat, a DND contractor, a Canadian journalist embedded with the CAF and more than 40 United States Armed Forces members under Canadian command during operations in Afghanistan.

The plaques were formerly part of the Kandahar Air Field cenotaph. The cenotaph was a memorial structure for Canadian soldiers to commemorate their fallen comrades while deployed in Afghanistan. The rest of the cenotaph is housed in a warehouse in Ottawa awaiting decision for a permanent home.

The Afghanistan Memorial Vigil remembers and honours those who have fallen in Afghanistan. It also acknowledges the bravery, dedication, valour and professionalism of all members of the CAF who have served in Afghanistan and supported the mission.

The Vigil was on display at Royal Military College Saint-Jean from March 10 to 14, 2015.


LCdr Russel, Guest of Honour Laval University’s Faculty of Law

On March 17, Lieutenant-Commander Anthony Russel, Deputy Judge Advocate, spoke at a conference organized by the Clinic of International Criminal and Humanitarian Law at Laval University in Montréal. In the morning, LCdr Russel presented on the CAF Code of Conduct for international operations.

He then joined Julia Grignon, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, to give a course to Masters students on the law of armed conflict, specifically the CAF’s targeting doctrine. In an interactive fashion, Lt.Col. Russel covered the fundamental principles of targeting, the role of the deployed legal officer, targeting methods, legitimate objectives and the rules of engagement as well as the fundamental rules of targeting.

CAF take part in University of Montréal’s first Student Symposium on Emergency Medicine

As part of their first Student Symposium on Emergency Medicine, held on Saturday, March 21, the emergency medicine interest group of the University of Montréal (GIMUUM) called on the expertise of the CAF.

The symposium topics included medicine in combat zones, in operational zones and on humanitarian missions. Major Valérie Lafortune, Base Surgeon of 5 Field Ambulance Staff, was the perfect spokesperson. Deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2002, Afghanistan in 2009, and as the Base Surgeon of the CAF Disaster Assistance and Relief Team (DART), Major Lafortune had many examples and anecdotes to explain what it’s like to be a physician in the CAF.

According to Andrée-Anne Matteau, currently senior extern and future family medicine resident, “Major Lafortune’s presentation was fascinating!” Following her presentation, a number of the students indicated they are now thinking of joining the CAF and practicing their medical skills abroad.

Drones the focus of the 6th Quebec City University-Defence Conference

The 6th Quebec City International University-Defence Conference of the Institut militaire de Québec (IMQ) was held on March 25 at Laval University. These conferences, held annually in cooperation with Hautes études international and the Centre sur la sécurité international provide soldiers and scholars with opportunities to discuss defence and security issues.

This year, the theme dealt with drones, which have become an essential tool in the 21st century, but also the use of which have raised legal and ethical questions. Lieutenant-Commander Marc-André Vary, lawyer and legal advisor to the Strategic Joint Staff of  the CAF, addressed the legal aspects of the use of drones in armed conflicts.

Major Mario Charron, currently supervisor of the Maritime Helicopter Project Training Management Detachment, gave an overview of emergencies associated with the use of drones in operational contexts based on his hown experiences in Afghanistan.

In all, nearly 200 CAF members, university students and other scholars, experts and military decision makers of tomorrow were in attendance.The IMQ was established in Quebec City in 1929. Today, the IMQ’s mission is to participate in the professional development of officers, contribute to knowledge and CAF outreach, and make civil society aware of the defence culture. This non-profit organization comes under the military authority of the Commanding General of 2nd Canadian Division and Joint Task Force (East).


IMQ website


To learn more about the outreach services offered by NDPAO – Quebec or to arrange for a CAF or DND speaker, please contact one of the following people:

Major Stéphanie Godin, Manager

Marie‑Anne Jutras, Communications Advisor

Captain Élizabeth Tremblay-Lewicki, Public Affairs Officer

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