The Land Command Support System

Backgrounder / November 30, 2012 / Project number: BG - 12.062

The Government of Canada is committed to providing our men and women in uniform with the right equipment to do their jobs.

The Land Command Support System is a highly integrated tactical system composed of many communication, networking and information management sub-systems that support the Army-wide command function. It forms a part of every Canadian Army vehicle, weapon platform and headquarters and is made up of numerous hardware, firmware and software elements.

The Land Command Support System combines the capabilities delivered under three separate legacy projects: 1) the Tactical Command Control and Communications System; 2) the Land Force Command System; and 3) Position Determination and Navigation for Land Forces.

The Land Command Support System will continue to evolve over time thanks to initiatives such as the Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance Project, the Land Command Support System Life Extension Project which was launched in 2010, and other related endeavours.

Canadian companies in these technology sectors are the most competitive in the world and defence spending is leveraged to ensure high-technology jobs are created, and kept, in Canada.  Contract awards in support of the Land Command Support System have helped to sustain nearly 1,000 jobs across Canada.  

In October 2012, as part of the Land Command Support System Life Extension Project, DRS Technologies Canada Ltd. was awarded a $38.7 million three-year competitive contract for the manufacturing of 13,624 Communication Selector Boxes and 4,937 Power Distribution Units - Small Form Factor to support network modernization within tactical vehicles. The Communications Selector Box is an intelligent routing / switching device that will replace the four other network devices currently used in military vehicles, namely the User Control Device, Network Access Unit, Radio Access Unit and Local Area Network Ethernet Switch.

The Power Distribution Units - Small Form Factor will replace the current range of Power Distribution Units and is specifically designed to provide filtered power to the Communication Selector Boxes and other electronic components within the tactical vehicles. Filtered power is essential to prevent damaging a vehicle’s electronic equipment during brown-outs or spikes in power when the vehicle is either turned on or off.

The two devices are key components of the upgraded tactical vehicle network that will improve the exchange of information within specific Canadian Armed Forces’ vehicle fighting platforms, enabling communication between vehicle crew members via intercom and between headquarters or ground troops via radios. This contract will help to sustain and create nearly 70 jobs in the National Capital Region and the province of Québec.  Since its inception, the Land Command Support System Life Extension Project has sustained or created close to 1,000 high-quality jobs in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec and the Maritimes.

The Industrial and Regional Benefits policy applies to this contract, meaning DRS Technologies Canada Ltd. will be required to undertake business activity in Canada valued at 100 per cent of the value of the contract. This will ensure a dollar-for-dollar investment that will have long-term, sustainable impact on the Canadian economy.

The Land Command Support System will continue to provide the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces with the highly integrated command and control communications system they need.


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