Watch this week’s special Defence Team News Minute!

Video / May 10, 2017


Welcome to a special Defence Team News Minute on Operation LENTUS in Quebec. 

Approximately 1 830 military members, the majority from 2nd Canadian Division from Base Valcartier, deployed over the weekend to support civilian authorities with the Government of Quebec’s emergency response to floods in the region.

The troops deployed in the areas of Saint-Jean sur Richelieu, Shawinigan, Laval, and Gatineau. The troops, along with aviation assets, engineer assets, and 12 boats from the Naval Reserve, are positioned to support and react to the needs that have been identified in coordination with our civilian partners.

The Canadian Armed Forces are assisting the civil and municipal security teams already on the ground in order to support the current effort until the situation improves.

Operation LENTUS is the CAF’s assistance to major natural disasters occurring in Canada, when provincial and territorial authorities become overwhelmed by disasters.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Op LENTUS and how you can help.

Our thoughts are with all affected.  Thank you for watching this special Defence Team News Minute.

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