The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has sailors serving on Operation PROJECTION around the world. They are working to make the world more secure and enhance relationships with Canada’s allies and partners.

During this operation, the CAF is conducting training, exercises, and engagements with foreign navies and other international security partners. The CAF also supports NATO Maritime Command, U.S. Naval Forces, and other allied operations.

The deployment of sailors, ships, and submarines makes the world more secure and stable. It also shows how the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is ready to defend Canada’s interests around the world. Operation PROJECTION shows Canada’s ongoing commitment to global peace.

Attention: Update

Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Vancouver has deployed to the Indo-Asia-Pacific region under Operation PROJECTION.

Current deployments


From April to June 2018, Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) Vancouver is deployed to the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. During the deployment, the ship will take part in the United States-led Pacific Partnership 2018. This annual exercise is focused on training participating nations in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in the region.

During the deployment, the crew of HMCS Vancouver is strengthening relationships with our partners. As well as working with partners, the ship is also conducting port visits. It is also improving the CAF’s ability to plan operations in the region. 


From February to June 2018, HMCS Windsor is deployed to the Euro-Atlantic region. From March 5 to 16, 2018, the submarine participated in in NATO Maritime Command’s Exercise Dynamic Manta 2018. The exercise aimed to improve how participants work together and honed their skills in anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare.

For the rest of its deployment, HMCS Windsor will support NATO naval activities. It will participate in NATO’s Operation SEA GUARDIAN, which conducts a focused security patrol in the Mediterranean Sea.

West Africa

From January 26 to late April 2018, HMC Ships Kingston and Summerside are deployed to West Africa. From March 22 to 27, 2018, the ships took part in U.S. Naval Forces Africa’s Exercise Obangame Express 2018. The exercise aimed to improve how nations work together to improve safety and security in the Gulf of Guinea. It focused on maritime interdiction, as well as visit, board, search, and seizure techniques. Further, an enhanced naval boarding party worked with and mentored partners in the region to help build their capacity in naval boarding and interdiction.

Mission context

The RCN has a long history of deploying around the world in peacetime and during conflicts. In line with “Strong, Secure, Engaged,” Canada’s Defence Policy, Canada’s naval forces work on their own and in support of allied or partner missions. They help keep regions secure and defend Allies and partners if needed.

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