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Operation RENDER SAFE aims to clear explosive remnants of war from the Solomon Islands. The operation is held every two years and is led by the Australian Defence Force with participation from other countries.

This operation aims to:

  • reduce the hazards of explosive remnants of war to locals;
  • prevent disreputable organizations from accessing these explosives; and
  • improve the skills of local police and defence forces in disposing of explosives.

Attention: Update

There are currently no forces deployed on Operation RENDER SAFE.

Mission context

The Solomon Islands saw heavy fighting during the Second World War at sea, on land, and from the air. The islands were also used as a support and ammunition base. As a result, explosives remain as a danger to this day.

Past deployments


Operation RENDER SAFE 2016

Operation RENDER SAFE 2016 took place from September 7 to October 7, 2016, on Guadalcanal Island and in the Russell Islands. Approximately 200 personnel from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Solomon Islands, and the United Kingdom participated.

In total, the task force cleared 2,584 explosives weighing over 18 tonnes; the Canadian contingent of approximately 18 CAF personnel cleared 747 explosives weighing over three tonnes.


Operation RENDER SAFE 2014

From October 7 to November 21, 2014, a team of 13 CAF members participated in Operation RENDER SAFE 2014.

The operation took place in autonomous region of Bougainville, part of Papua New Guinea. It comprised about 500 personnel from Australia, Bougainville, Canada, New Zealand, the Solomon Islands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

CAF members were divided into two explosive ordnance disposal teams and worked under the Australian-led effort on land.  Overall, the two teams cleared 18 explosive-remnants-of-war sites out of 110 overall.


Operation RENDER SAFE 2013

Between October 29 and December 7, 2013, a team of nine CAF members participated in Operation RENDER SAFE 2013.

The operation included 200 personnel from the Australia Defence Force, the New Zealand Defence Force, the United States Navy and the Royal Solomon Island Police Force.

CAF operators were divided into two teams:

  • Clearance divers from the Royal Canadian Navy operated near the Russell Islands with an underwater explosive ordnance disposal team; and
  • Combat engineers from the Canadian Army and specialists from the Royal Canadian Air Force joined a land explosive ordnance disposal team, which focused on the tropical island of Guadalcanal.
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