1st Canadian Division Headquarters

The 1st Canadian Division headquarters (1st Cdn Div HQ) leads operations for the Canadian Joint Operations Command throughout the full spectrum of conflict to meet national objectives. 1st Cdn Div HQ provides task-tailored, deployable, joint headquarters at advanced states of readiness to command and control joint, interagency, and multinational forces, at home and abroad.

Concept of operations

When asked by the Government of Canada, 1st Cdn Div HQ is responsible for deploying the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) and also assumes the tasks of non-combatant evacution operations (NEO).

1st Cdn Div HQ is responsible for four high-readiness tasks:

  • humanitarian operations at home and abroad, such as Op RENAISSANCE in the Philippines in 2013;
  • non-combatant evacuation operations for the safe evacuation of Canadians abroad, such as in Lebanon in 2006 and Libya in 2012;
  • first rotation (Roto 0) of personnel for future full-spectrum operations, such as the past mission in Afghanistan; and
  • provision of a National Command Element responsible for the command and the logistic, operational and strategic support of Canadian military assets and personnel, such as Op IMPACT, the on-going operation to assist the Iraqi Security Forces in their fight against ISIL.


1st Cdn Div was established at the beginning of the First World War as Canada’s first fighting element of the conflict. The 1st Cdn Div was established three more times: during the Second World War, once following the Korean War in 1954, and again near the end of the Cold War, in Kingston, Ontario in November 1989. The division celebrated its 100th anniversary on 10 August, 2014, and continues to provide the CAF with a rapidly deployable headquarters responsible for the command and control of joint and combined forces in response to a variety of crises. 1st Canadian Division headquarters is based in Kingston, Ontario.

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