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Joint Task Force (North) will exercise sovereignty and contribute to safety, security and defence operations in the Canadian North.

Brigadier-General Mike Nixon
Commander Joint Task Force (North)

The Commander’s Vision

Joint Task Force (North) will provide Canadian Joint Operations Command with a robust operational headquarter with the capability to effectively plan, command, support, and execute joint, integrated and combined expeditionary operations throughout the North.

The Commander’s Intent

Joint Task Force (North) will support the four pillars of Canada’s Northern Strategy and the Canada First Defence Strategy.

My main effort as the Commander of Joint Task Force (North) will be to support and operationalize the plans that evolve from the concept for the employment and support of Canadian Armed Forces in the North, in conjunction with my five overarching priorities:

  1. Conduct, with mission partners, routine and contingency operations in the North, with relevant, responsive and capable forces.
  2. Relationships are everything in the North, and I will continue to strengthen Joint Task Force (North)’s partnerships with our federal, territorial and municipal partners, as well as with the people in our Northern communities. By working together, we can continue to provide safety and security in the North.
  3. Under the Canada First Defence Strategy, the Government of Canada announced the expansion and modernization of the Canadian Ranger program, and Joint Task Force (North) remains committed to this effort. The Canadian Rangers are our eyes and ears in the North, and a critical part of the Canadian Armed Forces. An important aspect of the Canadian Rangers is their vital support to the Junior Canadian Rangers (JCR). The JCRs, along with the Army and Air Cadets, are important youth programs in the North. Although distinct programs, they teach youth leadership, good citizenship and traditional skills. Joint Task Force (North) will continue its support of these youth programs and, in doing so, will advance the development of future leaders in the North.
  4. Joint Task Force (North) will strengthen its infrastructure and organization to better ensure Joint Task Force (North) operational relevance.
  5. Joint Task Force (North) will actively pursue the development of a joint and integrated Canadian Armed Forces operational expeditionary northern capability, which will encompass the following:
    1. Command and Control aspects with reliable communications;
    2. Commander Assessment Team;
    3. Arctic Response Company Groups; and
    4. Support elements through the Joint Task Force Support Component and contracted services.

The most important factor is the credibility and relevance of Joint Task Force (North) to the people of the North, our Northern partners, and Canadian Joint Operations Command.

Brigadier-General Mike Nixon
Commander Joint Task Force (North)

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