Exercises and Activities

Joint Task Force (North)’s area of responsibility is comprised of a number of unique environmental and logistical features that differentiate this region from the rest of Canada. These features pose additional and significant requirements on the conduct of military exercises and activities, making it an excellent training environment for southern-based troops.

Joint Task Force (North) is a key enabler in the North and uses its local expertise to lead, plan for and host the many units and squadrons that come from across Canada to train in Canada’s Arctic.

Every year, Joint Task Force (North) either leads or is involved in exercises and activities throughout its area of responsibility, including:

NOREX (Northern Exercises)

Brigade Groups from across the country conduct exercises in the JTFN AOR annually to exercise soldier skills in an Arctic environment. Exercises like 4 Division’s Exercise TRILLIUM RESPONSE and 3 Division’s Exercise ARCTIC RAM have been held in various High and East Arctic locations over the past several years and continue to provide Canadian Armed Forces’ members with valuable Arctic training.  Canadian Rangers are included in all northern exercises to provide local knowledge and expertise to soldiers from the south.


Led by Joint Task Force (North), Exercise NORTHERN MERCURY conducts high frequency communications training and exercises in the high Arctic in order to demonstrate Canadian Armed Forces communications capabilities. This exercise takes place annually in multiple locations, including; Yellowknife and Inuvik, Northwest Territories, as well as Cambridge Bay, Iqaluit and Canadian Forces Station Alert, Nunavut.

National Search and Rescue Exercise

The Royal Canadian Air Force’s annual National Search and Rescue (SAR) Exercises aim to develop best practices in the area of SAR and to exercise the interoperability of various federal departments and multinational partners. Numerous SAR training activities occur on a regular basis throughout Canada’s North.

Arctic Operations Advisor Course

This course provides Canadian Armed Forces personnel with a broad range of knowledge and skills related to potential military roles, missions and tasks in Canada’s North, with a view to developing an enhanced understanding of the region. This course is led by the Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre.

Canadian Ranger Activities - 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group

1CRPG has over 1850 Rangers in 60 patrols across the three Territories and Atlin, BC, an area which encompasses approximately four million square kilometers, or 40 per cent of Canada’s land mass, 75 per cent of its coastal regions and 8000 km (5000 mi) East to West.

The members of 1CRPG carry out over 110 exercises and operations a year, including local sovereignty and training patrols, multiple patrol exercises and joint training ventures, North Warning Site inspections, leadership training, support to Canadian Armed Forces operations and exercises, provisions of service, and support to federal and territorial partners or other stakeholders.

Junior Canadian Ranger Activities - 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group

There are 1650 Junior Canadian Ranger’s conducting activities at various times throughout the year; both within their community and the surrounding area.  These activities generally consist of Ranger skills and life skills development, as well as traditional living activities such as camping, fishing, and hunting across the North West Territories, Yukon Territory and Nunavut.

 To learn more about the Canadian Rangers and the Junior Canadian Rangers, go to http://www.army-armee.forces.gc.ca/en/1-crpg/index.page

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