JTF Pacific

Joint Task Force Pacific (JTFP) is one of six regional joint task forces located across Canada to conduct continental operations by the Canadian Armed Forces.

JTFP Headquarters

JTFP Headquarters is located at Her Majesty's Canadian Dockyard in Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt, near Victoria, B.C.

Commander JTFP also commands Maritime Forces Pacific, a formation of the Royal Canadian Navy, and the Victoria Search and Rescue Region

JTFP responsibilities

Area of responsibility

JTFP is responsible for all Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations in the province of British Columbia and its western air and maritime approaches.

The Victoria Search and Rescue Region, for which Commander JTFP is also responsible, comprises the northeastern quadrant of the Pacific Ocean and Yukon Territory as well as the Province of British Columbia.

Command and tasking authority

Commander JTFP commands the Canadian Armed Forces response to any request for military intervention to provide emergency assistance or support in critical incidents throughout the Joint Task Force Pacific (JTFP) area of responsibility. These requests come from Canadian Joint Operations Command's partners in operations, and from the provincial and territorial governments in the JTFP area of responsibility.

To form mission-appropriate task forces, Commander JTFP has the authority to task any and all resources held in the JTFP area of responsibility by the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army or the Royal Canadian Air Force.

JTFP operations

Through JTFP, the Canadian Armed Forces maintains a continuous watch to generate comprehensive awareness of security and defence conditions in British Columbia and the Pacific maritime and air approaches to Canada.

As well as search-and-rescue missions, JTFP current and recurring operations include avalanche control under Operation PALACI and fisheries protection under Operation DRIFTNET.

The most recent contingency operation mounted by JTFP was Operation PODIUM in 2010, in which the Canadian Armed Forces worked under Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) lead as part of the Integrated Security Unit supporting the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver. As "Joint Task Force Games," 4,500 Regular and Reserve Force soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen from across Canada deployed to British Columbia to help ensure a safe, enjoyable event. Its scope and scale made Operation PODIUM one of the largest domestic security operations in Canadian history.

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