1. What are the physical standards that are required to join this unit?

To apply to CJIRU you must have passed the standard Canadian Armed Forces FORCE fitness test.


2. Do members of this unit receive the same rate of pay as other military units?

As with other units in the CAF, members who hold specialized positions may receive other allowances in addition to their regular pay. The amount of this is dependent on the position held and the specialized skill level of the member.


3. How is CJIRU different from JTF2 and other CANSOFCOM units?

Though CJIRU and JTF2 are both units within CANSOFCOM, both units have different mandates. Members of CJIRU, at times, can work closely with other Departments and agencies to fulfill their mandate.


4. What can I do to improve my chances of joining this unit?

Other than passing the standard Canadian Armed Forces FORCE fitness test, there is little a member can do to improve their chances of successfully completing the CJIRU selection process. Through a scientific process, specific to their role, applicants are assessed on key attributes that would indicate their ability to operate within CJIRU, and support the unit’s mandate.


5. What will the quality of life for my family be?

CANSOFCOM units do place unique demands on its members and their families. Due to the nature of the work, members may be deployed on short notice for extended periods of time which can be stressful on their families.  


6. What do unit members do on a daily basis?

Due to the nature of the work, CJIRU does use specialised procedures and techniques along with specialized equipment of a highly technical nature. As such, there is a significant commitment to the training and education of CJIRU members.