Types of operations


Types of operations the Canadian Armed Forces conduct such as Canadian sovereignty, emergency response, search and rescue, humanitarian assistance, and assistance to law enforcement.

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Canadian sovereignty

Surveillance and control of Canadian territory, focusing on the north.

Emergency response and prevention

Military response to forest fires, floods, and natural disasters in Canada and around the world.

Search and rescue

Canadian Armed Forces contribution to national search and rescue efforts.

Assistance to law enforcement

Support to law enforcement such as surveillance, transport and logistics.

Peace support

Canada’s contribution to UN and peace support operations around the world.


Canadian military contribution to counter-insurgency operations, such as the global coalition against Daesh .

Training and assistance to partner forces

Medical, reconnaissance, military police and other training for partner forces.

International security and stability

Canada’s participation in NATO operations in Central and Eastern Europe, and Iceland.

Fisheries patrol and surveillance

Monitoring fishing vessels and enforcing fishing regulations in the North Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

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