Operations Update – June 2017

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Please note that this page is updated on a monthly basis. The information below was last updated on June 2, 2017.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations monthly update is designed to give a current overview of ongoing CAF missions in Canada, North America, and around the world. Every month, the narrative highlights recent developments on ongoing missions, provides information on upcoming exercises and operations, and recaps completed events and initiatives.

Operation LENTUS | Quebec and Newfoundland

Operation LENTUS is the CAF response to forest fires, floods, and natural disasters in Canada

Mud Lake, Newfoundland

On May 17, 2017, the CAF evacuated 33 people from Mud Lake, Newfoundland, after significant flooding. One CH-146 Griffon helicopter from 444 Combat Support Squadron, 5 Wing Goose Bay, and one CH-149 Cormorant helicopter from 103 Search and Rescue Squadron, 9 Wing Gander, airlifted the residents and their pets to safety.

Further, after a request for help from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, the CAF is providing temporary shelter for people who have been displaced and have no other lodgings. Eighteen people are staying in the military barracks at 5 Wing Goose Bay.


CAF personnel have been deployed to support Quebec citizens in four flood-affected regions: Montérégie, Outaouais, Mauricie and Montréal. On May 12, 2017, the CAF’s emergency response to support the Province of Quebec reached peak strength with approximately 2600 personnel from the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Canadian Navy in these regions.

As the water recedes, the CAF is transitioning from supporting the Province’s emergency needs to supporting the Province’s recovery phase. As the number of requests for assistance from the regions decrease, fewer CAF members are required and the total troop strength will also gradually decrease from peak strength. This allows many CAF reservists to return to their civilian employment and other specialized CAF assets such as helicopters and small boats to return to their home bases.

Operation BOXTOP | Nunavut

Operation BOXTOP began on April 20, 2017, and ended on May 5, 2017. The RCAF delivered approximately 561,700 litres of fuel to CFS Alert.

Operation BOXTOP is a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) mission to fly supplies to Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Alert. Typically, fuel is delivered in the spring and dry goods in the fall using CC-130J Hercules and the CC-177 Globemaster III cargo aircraft.

Search and rescue | Across Canada

As of May 31, the three Joint Rescue Coordination Centres have tasked CAF assets 310 times to conduct SAR operations this year: 58 taskings from Victoria, 115 taskings from Trenton, and 137 taskings from Halifax.

The CAF works with its partners to provide effective SAR response in the most difficult of conditions across Canada. The Canadian Search and Rescue program is based on cooperation and teamwork as demonstrated by the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Canadian Coast Guard and the network of Federal, Provincial/Territorial governments, civilian organizations and volunteers, and various police forces.

Exercise TRADEWINDS | Caribbean

On June 2, 2017, approximately 90 CAF members deployed to the Caribbean to train with regional partners as part of Exercise TRADEWINDS. The exercise will take place from June 6 to 17, 2017.

As part of the 19-nation exercise, the CAF is deploying elements from the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Army.

Operation REASSURANCE | Central and Eastern Europe

Starting on May 22, 2017, for approximately a month,  a detachment of six CF-18 Hornet jet fighters supported by approximately 180 CAF personnel are patrolling Iceland’s airspace based out of Keflavik Air Base. Air Task Force Iceland is Canada’s periodic contribution to the NATO – Airborne Surveillance and Interception Capabilities to Meet Iceland's Peacetime Preparedness Needs mission.

From May 8 to 18, 2017, HMCS St. John’s from the Maritime Task Force participated in Exercise MARE APERTO 171. An Italian-led exercise, MARE APERTO took place in the Central Mediterranean region and involved a number of air, naval, and amphibious assets. The exercise aimed to enhance the operational effectiveness of naval commands and assigned forces.

On May 4, 2017, an infantry company from the Land Task Force completed its participation in Exercise PLATINUM EAGLE 17-2. The Romanian Land Forces hosted this exercise in the Babadag Training Area, Romania.

From May 9 to 24, 2017, a small team of snipers from the Land Task Force participated in Exercise SPRING STORM. From June 4 to 17, 2017, members of the Land Task Force are participating in Exercise SABER STRIKE in Poland.

On May 6, 2017, Canadian military equipment in support of Operation REASSURANCE arrived in Riga Port, Latvia. Canada will lead a robust multinational NATO battlegroup in Latvia, one of four such battlegroups deployed in the Baltics and Poland. Approximately 450 CAF personnel will be in Latvia by mid-June to mark the official start of our presence along with Albania, Italy, Poland, Slovania and Spain.

Operation REASSURANCE is the CAF contribution to NATO assurance and deterrence measures in Central and Eastern Europe.

Operation IMPACT | Middle East

As of May 27, 2017, Air Task Force-Iraq conducted 2,925 sorties*:

  • CC-150T Polaris aerial refueller conducted 751 sorties, delivering some 44,400,000 pounds of fuel to Coalition aircraft; and
  • CP-140 Aurora aircraft conducted 796 reconnaissance missions.

*This total includes 1378 sorties conducted by CF-18 Hornets between October 30, 2014 and February 15, 2016.

Operation IMPACT is the CAF contribution to the Global Coalition to dismantle and ultimately defeat Daesh.


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