Defence Learning Network (DLN)

What is DNDLearn-DLN?

The Defence Learning Network or DLN provides the members of the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) with a corporate on-line Learning Management Platform called DNDLearn-DLN. DNDLearn-DLN is an enterprise environment for managing, developing and delivering on-line training, as well as for providing the Defence Team with an environment favourable to continuous learning and the sharing of knowledge.

What capabilities does DNDLearn-DLN deliver?

DNDLearn-DLN delivers capabilities associated with developing and managing learning content, as well as with training management. The aim of the DLN is to enable more effective training through better courseware design and development, reduced time-to-proficiency and increased training capacity. DLN also provides collaborative tools and resources that expand learning and training into performance support.

DNDLearn-DLN Log In

DLN is a Department of National Defence computer network intended for authorized training purpose for military users only. Users should have no expectation of privacy in their use of this network. Use of this network constitutes consent to monitoring, retrieval, and disclosure of any information stored within the network for any purpose including criminal prosecution.

To access DLN, please go to the DNDLearn website. The website can also be accessed via the DND intranet at