Canadian Army Command and Staff College (CACSC)


Canadian Army Command and Staff College Crest

CACSC Commandant

Colonel R.D. Walker, MSC, CD Commandant


Mailing Address Canadian Army Command and Staff College, PO Box 17000, Station Forces, Kingston On K7K 7B4

Commercial Courier Service Fort Frontenac, 317 Oontario St, Kingston On K7K 7B4

Dialing Instructions 613-541-5010 plus extension, CSN 271 plus extension

Command Group

  • Cmdt – 5818
  • DCmdt – 5970
  • Adjt – 3290
  • Cmdt's Admin Asst – 5892

Directing Staff

  • Dean – 5804
  • Black Robe – 5855
  • DS Admin Asst – 5969

Curriculum Development

  • CCD– 5849
  • DCCD – 5852
  • Curr Dev Coord – 3264


  • CSO – 5839
  • TDO – 2189

DL Support Cell

  • DL Sp Coord - 2188
  • DL Admin & Tech Sp (Helpdesk) 1-866-540-8562

Training Support Cell

  • G3 – 5816
  • Trg O – 5814
  • NCO IC – 8001   
  • AV OP – 8000 / 8002 / 8003 / 8004
  • Sgt Fin Clk – 8791
  • Fin Clk– 2058
  • Crse Admin– 5889
  • Crse Coord– 5891

P Res AOC Cell

  • D Res T – 5802
  • Coord – 5992
  • Curriculum – 5859

Orderly Room/Distribution Centre

  • NCO IC– 5821
  • OR Clerk – 8723 / 5878
  • Distr Clerk - 5866
  • Distr Coord – 5877

Document Management Group

  • Text Revisers – 8724 (English) – 5894 (French)
  • Production – 5806, 8067 (English) – 8068, 4961 (French / français)

Translator – 5947

Guardroom / Commissionaires – 5825  (manned 24/7)

CACSC is charged with developing in army officers the ability to perform command and staff functions in war. Courses currently conducted at, or under the auspices of, the College include the Army Operations Course; the Primary Reserves Army Operations Course; the Command Team Course; the Primary Reserves Command Team Course; the Information Management Officers Course; the Army Junior Staff Officer Course. The Lead For Synthetic Environment Trg, Simulation and Experimentation for the Canadian Army.  Responsible for Professional Development of Army Officers and NCMs.


Deliver high quality, relevant and progressive education and training in order to prepare officers and NCM for employment in command and staff positions at the tactical level.

Provide synthetic environment capabilities in support of Land operations training, concept development and experimentation.

Provide oversight of CAF PD and stewardship and management of Army PD.

Course Information

Army Operations Course (AOC) 30:

Course Dates:  

Tutorial 1 Distance Learning (DL):  20 Jan - 7 Mar 14
Battle View (BV) Taining (Trg):   3 - 5 Apr 14
Tutorials 2 & 3 Resedential (Res):  7 Apr - 20 Jun 14

AOC 30 Military Training and Cooperation Programme (MTCP)/North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO):

Pre-course dates: 13 Jan - 2 Feb 14 (MTCP Students only) **
Tutorial 1 DL: 3 Feb - 2 Apr 14  (MTCP and NATO Students)
Tutorial 2 & 3 Res: 3 Apr - 20 Jun 14  (MTCP and NATO Students)

Primary Reserve Command Team Course 2014:

23-27 Jun 14

Primary Reserve Army Operations Course (P Res AOC) 2014:

Tutorial 2:  18 Jan - 20 Jun 14
Allied pre-course:  9-11 Jul 14
Tutorial 3: 12-26 Jul

Command Team Course (CTC) 2014:

18 - 26 Mar 14

IMO (1401) Course Dates:

09 – 20 Jun 14
Course Dates for Instructors, TBA
Post Course Admin, TBA


In 1868 the owl resting on crossed swords and surmounted by a crown, together with the motto "Tam Marte Quam Minerva' was adopted as the crest of the British Army Staff College, Camberley. The design was due to the joint efforts of Captain (later Major-General) JN Crealock, a student at the College, and Brevet Major (afterwards Lieutenant-Colonel) AS Jones, VC, the Adjutant at the time. Captain Crealock was a gifted amateur artist, and seeing that the College did not possess a crest he offered to design one. Minerva is the goddess of war and of wisdom in roman Mythology, and the owl was her favourite bird.

There are various translations of the motto, but one of the best seems to be that given by Field-Marshal Earl Wavell when making the Haldane Memorial lecture in January, 1948. The Field-Marshal translated the motto as: "By fighting as much as by writing" or "By kill as much as by skill", which he said was a reminder that operation orders do not win battles without the valour and endurance of the soldiers who carry them out. In 1956, the senior Classics master at Wellington College, Berkshire, when asked for his opinion, gave it that the Latin used in the motto is a correct Latin phrase, and since the construction placed a trifle more stress on Mars than on Minerva a free translation he suggested might be "With understanding and with force of arms" or "Practical as well as theoretical soldiering here". This seems to fit in well with Lord Wavell's translation quoted above.

In 1946, a Canadian adaptation of the Staff College Camberley Crest was drawn up. This adaptation was basically similar except a band was carried across the base with the word CANADA on it. On 23 April 1946, the Staff College Camberley notified their complete agreement with the Canadian adaptation and a few weeks later approval of the Military Members of the Army Council was granted. On 30 May 1946, the War Office was consulted and stated it had no objection to the use of the Canadian adaptation of the Staff College Camberly Crest by the Canadian Army Staff College, and this latter date is construed as the date that it became the official crest of the Canadian Army Staff College. In February 1977, the present form of the College crest was officially authorized as the crest of the Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College. It was felt that the Snowy Owl was more emblematic of a Canadian Staff College and accordingly the Canadian Snowy Owl replaced the Horned Owl.