Space Applications Course


This course provides knowledge of the concepts and terminology associated with military space systems.  Graduates will gain an appreciation for the unique physical and environmental aspects of space, understand the basic capabilities and limitations of space systems and recognize the impact of space-based systems on operations.

Course Outline

To provide the Space Applications Course (SAC) candidate with a broad, yet highly technical learning environment, the training philosophy concentrates on the areas highlighted in the following sections:

  1. Information Operations and Space History and Policy
  2. The Space Environment
  3. Orbital Mechanics
  4. Satellite Design
  5. Space Lift
  6. Satellite Command And Control
  7. Remote Sensing Theory and Systems
  8. Satellite Communications
  9. Space Based Weather Observations
  10. Search and Rescue Satellites
  11. Satellite Navigation
  12. Space Integration Outline
  13. Space Surveillance Network
  14. Integrated Space Warning
  15. Space Control

Candidates learn the fundamentals of space power and its application in modern operations.  Students first gain an appreciation of how the space environment works and then explore space systems via the four primary space mission categories including Force Application, Space Control, Space Support and Force Enhancement.  This course covers the fundamentals of space and how it works with modern operations.  The course consists of traditional classroom instruction with the addition of guest lecturers.  The course includes group discussions, computer simulation and a group participation exercise.

Course Capacity / Rank

The optimum course load is 27 personnel of any rank and is available to all elements (Navy, Army, Air Force, etc.).

Course Prerequisites

The SAC is open to applicants from all occupations from foreign nations.To be accepted for the training, candidates must have strong communication skills (both written and verbal) in English.

Course Duration / Frequency

Course length is five training days, and it is offered four times annually.


The SAC is conducted at 17 Wing, at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Studies (CFSAS) in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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