Space Operations Course


The aim of the Space Operations Course (SOC) is to prepare personnel with limited or no space education for employment in space-related positions.

Course Outline

This course provides knowledge of the concepts and terminology associated with military space systems. Graduates will:

  1. recognize the impact of space-based systems on operations;
  2. have the knowledge required to effectively advise colleagues and superiors on issues dealing with space organizations, space regulatory framework, space systems, and space-related technologies;
  3. be considered a space expert in operations/missions/projects that rely on space for their success; and
  4. become a key military space asset.

The course features guest lecturers from key space organizations, multiple computer simulation opportunities and many discussions/lectures on a wide array of space related subjects.  The SOC includes space fundamentals and in-depth details.  The course is designed for personnel starting a career path as a space Subject Matter Expert (SME).  It will provide the SOC student with a broad, yet highly technical learning environment.  Candidates will be assigned syndicates and will work together to provide a briefing to the course on an emerging technology and how it can be applied in the military context.  The  course, modeled loosely after the United States Air Force Space 100 course including some Space 200 topics, is a well rounded course to create space SMEs.

Course Capacity / Rank

The optimum course load is 24 personnel of any rank.

Course Prerequisites

The SOC is open to applicants of any occupation.  To be accepted for the course, candidates must have strong communication skills in English (both written and verbal); and have completed at least one operational/field tour of duty.

Course Duration / Frequency

The SOC combines a pre-course 30-day Distance Learning package followed by 15 days of in-house instruction and is offered twice annually commencing in the September and January/February timeframe.


The SOC is conducted at 17 Wing, at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Studies (CFSAS) in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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