Training at the Peace Support Training Centre

Hazardous Environment Training


In preparation for deployment to a fragile state and as part of the Canadian Civilian Pre-Deployment Training Program, civil servants must take the HET at PSTC. The HET is the core component for the personal safety and security of the training program. It is designed on experience from many events that occurred throughout the world. Every year PSTC trains approximately 300 Civil servants through this training.  The HET is composed of Pre-Course Reading Package and 5 training days given at PSTC Kingston.


The aim of the training is to provide civil servants the personal security and survival skills needed in a theatre of operations.

Training Audience

The target audience for this training is primarily civilian government employees from many departments such as Foreign Affairs, Corrections Canada, RCMP, Customs and Revenue Canada, etc.

Distance Learning

All attendees must complete the Pre-Course Reading Package. These documents will prepare the individuals with the knowledge and skill-sets that is required to ensure the proper comprehension of the materials that will be taught and exercised during their stay at PSTC.

Individual Pre-Deployment Training


The IPT conducted at PSTC consists of 18 training days in CFB Kingston. It is an optimized program based on the Army's Individual Battle Task Standards (IBTS) and Theatre Mission Specific Training (TMST).


IPT reviews, and where necessary, teaches the individual skills necessary to appropriately respond to the intercultural and potentially hostile nature of a Land-Based Operations environment. It does not provide mission specialist trade skills or a theatre-specific collective training environment.

Training Audience

This training is specifically designed for CF personnel whose employment has been categorized as "Static Echelon" or "Non-combatant" and who are currently slated to join ISAF HQ, RC(S) HQ, CSTC-A, and select small missions (i.e., Op HAMLET, Op SATURN, Op PROTEUS, etc.). In addition to CF personnel, select DND civilian personnel may be tasked to undergo this program.


The only prerequisite for the IPT is to be selected and entered into the Canadian Forces Taskings, Plans & Operations (CFTPO) program against a position that PSTC is mandated to train. CF members loaded against these positions must successfully complete IPT in order to meet the training requirements for their deployment.

Operational Kit

Commanding Officers of tasked units are responsible for the administrative screening and preparation of their personnel. This includes the issuing of all required kit for the mission area. IPT participants are expected to arrive with their entitlement of operational personal protective equipment (PPE). This equipment is required for training. Full marching order (rucksack, sleeping bag, helmet, webbing/Tac vest, Frag vest, Ballistic Eyewear, gloves and respirator) is required. All personnel must arrive at PSTC with their C4 mask already fit-tested in accordance with CANFORGEN 095/10. PSTC will provide the weapons and EIS (magazine, sling, etc.) required for the ranges. PSTC will not conduct liaison with the ASU Kingston for kit issue. ASU Kingston will not provide kit to non-Kingston personal either on permanent or temporary issue.

Joining Instructions


The Joining Instructions for all PSTC courses and training packages are consolidated into one document. Key information common to all training will be in the main doc, while instructions specific to particular courses will be found in the Annexes and Appendixes.


The JIs are primarily written for Canadian students. Instructors and foreign students should contact the Officers in Charge (OIC) of their appropriate field of training.


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