Training establishments

Explore the various Canadian Armed Forces training establishments that deliver advanced and specialized training to Canadian Armed Forces members.


Canadian Forces Leadership & Recruit School

Learn about how this school provides basic training for officers and non-commissioned members who are joining the regular force of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Canadian Forces Language School

Find out how this school teaches Canadian Armed Forces members to learn English, French and foreign languages.

Canadian Forces Military Law Centre

Discover how this centre offers military legal education and training to help Canadian Armed Forces members’ achieve their goals.

Canadian Forces Flying Training School

Explore how this facility trains pilots to be fully capable of operating in the demanding and sophisticated environment of modern air warfare.

Canadian Forces Aircrew Selection Centre

Get information about how pilots, aerospace controllers and air combat system officers are selected for aircrew training.

Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Studies

Discover how this school provides education in aerospace technology and air force officer professional development.

Canadian Forces School of Search & Rescue

Learn about the school that trains current and future Canadian Armed Forces Search and Rescue Technicians.

Foreign Military Training Goose Bay

Find out how this location trains foreign militaries in low level flying environments.

Royal Canadian Air Force International Training Programmes

Explore Canada’s Air Force training and links to specialized courses varying from aviation to engineering and flight safety.Information on the upcoming move to the new headquarters for the Department of National Defence.

Peace Support Training Centre

Take a look at how this centre trains Canadian Armed Forces members, government employees and international audiences in courses varying from military observer to civil-military cooperation training.

Canadian Army Command & Staff College

Learn how this college prepares army officers for employment in command and staff positions at the tactical level.

Other training establishments

Browse information on additional Canadian Armed Forces training establishments.

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