Session Guide for Participants

Why Focus on Ethics?

Focus on Ethics is an opportunity for supervisors and their subordinates to spend 1-2 hours talking about ethical issues that concern them, in an informal atmosphere free of reprisal.

What is Ethics?

Ethics is about dealing with right and wrong in your workplace.

How Can You Prepare for This Session?

You can think about the following:

  • What do I think are the main ethical issues that we face in our workplace? In DND?
  • What do I think can be done to resolve these issues?
  • What are my expectations of ethical conduct in my workplace?
  • You may be asked to complete a short survey on ethical concerns.

What are Possible Ethical Issues?

  • Any ethical issues specific to your operational mission or tasking? (procurement, engineering, management, air, land, sea ops, peacekeeping, etc)
  • How is the ethical climate where you work?
  • Is the ethical climate respectful? Does it respect human rights and freedoms?
  • Is the ethical climate honest? What about conflict of interest, contractor gifts, luncheons, etc?
  • Is the ethical climate harassment free? Is the ethical climate free from abuse of authority? Is the ethical climate fair? Reprisal free? Can I speak up safely?
  • Is the ethical climate obedient to lawful authority? Does it encourage following orders, policies and rules?
  • Is your place of employment committed to doing the right thing?
  • Is your place of employment a good place to work?
  • Does your place of employment respect diversity, gender differences, aboriginal, visible minorities, religious differences, the environment?

The Session Entails a Simple Four-Step Process:

Step 1

The leader presents DND/CAF ethics expectations and talks about things like : What is an ethical issue? How do I decide what to do? What help is available? If desired, an informal survey of concerns may be conducted.

Step 2

The group discusses its own ethical issues. What are they? Survey results may be used to initiate discussion.

Step 3

The group discusses ways and options for resolving these ethical issues.

Step 4

The group summarises what they want to feed back to the chain of command.

Alert: Focus on Ethics - Survey Form

Ethical Issues Assessment

Ethics is about right and wrong. What do you feel is the most serious ethical issue or concern facing your work area today?



My most serious ethical concern or issue is:



What can we do to resolve the ethics concerns raised?



Note: please do not sign this form so that anonymity can be respected.

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