Targeted Engagement Grants 2016-2017


University of Ottawa, Faculty of Common Law

“Developing Trust in the Automation of Military Systems”

14-15 June, 2017 – Ottawa, ON


This two-day conference, to take place in Ottawa from 14-15 June 2017, will examine the issue of trustworthiness in the link between automated systems and meaningful human control (MHC). MHC is becoming an increasingly important legal concept and one that will increasingly impact national defence considerations. The conference will, therefore, have the potential to significantly contribute to defence thinking.

Centre for Security, Intelligence and Defence Studies, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

“The Year Ahead: An Examination of the Defence and Foreign Policy Challenges Facing Canada in the Near Future”

8 December 2016 – Ottawa, ON


This one-day workshop brought together foreign and defence academics and practitioners to consider the defence and foreign policy priorities facing Canada. Particular elements, including its regional focus on Asia and its focus on life after the US election made this workshop timely and it provided a fertile atmosphere for defence researchers to discuss pressing contemporary issues.

Centre for International and Defence Policy (CIDP)

“The Gender Dimension of Veteran Transition: International Best Practices and the Way Forward”

23-24 March 2017 – Kingston, ON


This two-day event will be held at Queen’s University in Kingston and will discuss the transition from military to civilian life and will focus on female veterans in order to address a lack of gendered approaches in the literature. The conference will support dialogue between government and non-government actors, including emerging scholars, and will couch the debate in the experiences of female CAF personnel who have successfully transitioned to civilian life. This workshop is highly innovative and directly tied to DEP priority 3.

Centre sur la Sécurité internationale (CSI), Université Laval

« École d’été sur la consolidation de la paix »

29 mai au 3 juin 2017 - Université Laval, QC


This event is a seven-day interactive course on peace and defence, which will tackle issues of conflict prevention, intervention, and peace building. The topic is highly relevant, the speakers are knowledgeable, and the participants are from diverse backgrounds, which should enable an informed discussion of the issues.

Canadian Pugwash Group

“Canada’s Contribution to Global Security”

23-26 July 2017 – Halifax and Pugwash, NS


This two-day workshop aims to address all three DEP engagement priorities, including important and relatively untapped issues (in the context of the DEP) such as the US strategic shift to Asia and efforts to reduce nuclear arms. Other topics of discussion include Arctic security and multilateral peace operations.

Center for Canadian Studies, Nitze School for Advanced International

Studies, Johns Hopkins University

“USNORTHCOM At Fifteen: Is North America better defended?”

1-2 May 2017 – Washington, DC


This event will bring together Canadian and US defence and security academics and practitioners to discuss USNORTHCOM and its impact on North American defence issues and requirements. In addition to evaluating efforts to modernize NORAD, this project will examine how USNORTHCOM differs from other US geographic commands given that it operates alongside pre-existing structures that define the US-Canada defence relationship. The conference will result in a published and edited volume of conference papers in 2017.

Conference of Defence Associations Institute (CDA Institute)

“The CDA-CDA Institute 2017 Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence: Canada, Great Powers and World Order”

17-18 February 2017 – Ottawa, ON


This two-day conference seeks to engage past and present policymakers, including the Prime Minister and Minister of National Defence, to work directly with expert non-governmental policymakers, including those in think tanks and academia, to discuss pressing security concerns facing Canada. This year’s event will look at Canada’s Defence Policy, Canada-US defence relations, NATO threats, and great power security dynamics. These are timely and pertinent topics. The discussions will allow access to subject matter experts to inform, confirm and challenge defence policy thinking. This annual event is generally well regarded and its broad-level discussions are expected to advance defence thinking.

Centre for International and Defence Policy (CIDP)

“Between Deterrence and Assurance: Understanding Canada’s Role”

11-12 May 2017 – Kingston, ON


This two-day workshop will take place in Kingston in May 2017 and will gather scholars, policy experts, and practitioners to assess the evolving role and force posture of Canada and its allies (including the US) with regard to conventional deterrence, missile defence, and nuclear deterrence. The organizers will explore deterrence through a policy comparison of nuclear powers and non-nuclear powers. The organizers will also assess the requirements of assurance and deterrence within the NATO framework and examine how Canada can support deterrence measures without contributing to a new Cold War.

McGill University

“Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Uses of Outer Space (MILAMOS) Project—request for funding for hosting a workshop”

January-December 2017 – Montreal, QC


This project is one part of an expansive undertaking by McGill to become a leader in the field of space law. The project will support Canadian space capabilities and input in this area will contribute to Canadian defence thinking. In its entirety, the project aims to lead thinking on space law by bringing together world experts and states to advance international opinion on this topic.

Centre sur la Sécurité internationale (CSI), Université Laval

« 8ème Rencontre Université/Défense »

29 mars 2017 - Université Laval, QC


The CSI will lead a conference to explore the multiple dimensions of security that impact contemporary defence issues. This conference will address key DEP engagement priorities. The event will involve about 140 CAF members from Valcartier who have been invited to participate in the project, and CAF members are also listed among the speakers.

NATO Association of Canada (NAOC)

“Crisis Response: Is Canada Prepared?”

26 April 2017 – Toronto, ON


This conference, entitled “Crisis Response: Is Canada Prepared?” is tied into all three DEP engagement priorities and will directly examine issues related to Canada and NATO, interoperability, and security in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. The invited speakers represent a good balance between government and non-government thinkers and the event will provide an opportunity for emerging scholars to enhance their own research and interact with policymakers.

Strategic Studies Students’ Consortium (S3C), Centre for Military, Security & Strategic Studies, University of Calgary

“19th Annual Graduate Strategic Studies Conference: Addressing Complex and Evolving Threats in the 21st Century”

16-17 March 2017 – Calgary, AB


This two-day conference will take place in Calgary in March 2017. This year’s conference theme is “Addressing Complex and Evolving Threats in the 21st Century” and it will contrast evolving threats with traditional ones. The conference provides a scholarly forum encouraging multidisciplinary discussions on a range of security and defence issues, both domestic and international. The conference will also act as a public forum for debate on a range of topics, including cybersecurity, terrorism, and procurement. Participants include emerging scholars, active and retired military personnel, corporate representatives, and the public.

Centre sur la Sécurité internationale (CSI), Université Laval

« École d’été sur les terrorismes »

30 avril au 3 mai 2017 - Université Laval, QC


This event will explore how Canada can confront terrorism on an international level. The topic is highly relevant, the speakers are strong, and the participants are from diverse backgrounds. The project organizer made a strong effort to involve DND/CAF, including inviting the Director DPK Pol and several other DND and Global Affairs Canada officials to attend.

The Mackenzie Institute

“Canada’s Peacekeeping in an Age of Conflict”

16 May 2017 – Ottawa, ON


This one-day event seeks to engage governmental decision-makers and non-governmental policy thinkers to discuss Canadian approaches to future security (2020-2050). The goal of the event is to examine current trends in peacekeeping and explore how they might be shaped by the future geopolitical landscape in order to assist CAF preparedness. Considering the Government’s re-prioritization of international peace missions, this event is timely and could help to shape policy going forward.

Women in International Security – Canada

“The Next Generation of Women Leaders”

17-19 May 2017 – Montreal, QC


This three-day conference will engage emerging scholars and experts to discuss international security and defence issues and highlight the contribution of women who remain underrepresented in these fields. The event will engage women who have established themselves as leaders in Canadian defence and security to support and foster future leaders. This event touches upon all three DEP engagement priorities and its list of preliminary speakers is strong and includes both academics and senior CAF personnel. The work of emerging scholars will be supported through this project.

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