Education Reimbursement

Education Reimbursement

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recognizes that education is the best investment an organization can make toward the development of its members. Military personnel who upgrade their education not only can keep up with the latest technologies but enhance their critical thinking skills and develop innovative responses to a myriad of issues.

Education Reimbursement Programs

Under current policies, there are several programs available to current  CAF members who wish to pursue further education.  Eligible members, including reservists, may claim reimbursement of education, training, and professional certification expenses, in whole or in part, under a series of Education Reimbursement (ER) programs.

There are three programmes available:

 ADM HR Mil Instruction 17/04 - Education Reimbursement for the Regular Force;

 CBI 210.802 - Skills Completion Programme;

 CBI 210.801 - Education Reimbursement for the Primary Reserve.

Regular Force Members

The ADM HR Mil 17/04 Instruction explains the ER program that provides financial assistance to Regular Force officers and Non-Commissioned Members who, through part-time study, wish to up-grade their educational or professional qualifications in the interest of the CAF .

Reserve Force Members

ER for members of the Primary Reserve provides for the reimbursement of up to 50% with a maximum of $2,000 per Academic Year of education expenses as defined in CBI 210.801. Only members studying towards a degree or diploma at a Canadian university or college are eligible. The maximum benefit $8,000 per career.

Skills Completion Program

The Skills Completion Program (SCP) reimburses education and certification expenses for eligible members to upgrade their military skills and experience to a civilian equivalent or certification level for second career (civilian employment) up to a maximum of $5,400.

Need Assistance

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