About the Defence Engagement Program

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  • DEP is pleased to announce the results of the first round of the Targeted Engagement Grants for Fiscal Year 2016/2017, with funds to be awarded in July.
  • The results from the first round of the Targeted Engagement Grants for Fiscal Year 2016/2017 are now available. Please consult Results page for more information.

The aim of the DEP is to help the Defence Team respond to the myriad of security challenges facing Canada by supporting projects on cross-cutting multi-disciplinary issues that affect not only the Department, but also its Whole-of-Government partners. To that end, the DEP will help the Department access external expertise that informs, confirms, and challenges the Defence Team's policy thinking.

The DEP will promote a multidisciplinary approach to security and defence issues by offering support to the Department's partners in academia, non-governmental organisations, think-tanks, and the private sector. Specifically, the DEP will provide targeted engagement grants for individuals and institutions to conduct projects for academic activities, conferences, publications, or other initiatives that are directly relevant to the Department's engagement priorities.

Please note that the DEP is currently not offering any Fellowship and Scholarship Awards. The Targeted Engagement Grant Program provides non-recurring, financial support, up to a maximum of $25,000, to projects such as conferences, roundtables, workshops and publications that are aligned with Defence Team Engagement Priorities.