Targeted Engagement Grant Program

The application period for the first round of the Targeted Engagement Grants for FY 2018/2019, is now closed.

The Targeted Engagement Grant Program provides non-recurring financial support, up to a maximum of $50,000, to projects such as conferences, roundtables, workshops and publications. Requests for funding are assessed primarily on the proposed project's ability to inform current and future defence policy thinking and must be specifically relevant to defence thinking in the Canadian context.

Applicants should visit the Targeted Engagement Grant Application Form section, copy the application questions into a word processing document, and submit their completed applications electronically to the following email address:

Please note, due to the popularity of the Defence Engagement Program (DEP), the application process is more competitive. In order to ensure the DEP achieves its objectives, special attention is given to the budgets of each applicant during the review process. Our aim is to promote spending towards idea-generating costs while carefully assessing the ratio of the budget allocated to hospitality and administration.

Important information

  1. Visit the Targeted Engagement Grant Application Form section,  copy the application questions into a word processing document, and submit the completed applications electronically to
  2. Demonstrate your project's relevance to the updated Defence Team Engagement Priorities, which can be viewed here.
  3. You must explain how your proposed project directly relates to Canada and/or Canadian defence and security interests.
  4. Include a proposed agenda and a proposed list of participants and/or speakers, even if this list is preliminary. If this list is preliminary please ensure you note this fact in your application.
  5. Include a proposed budget, a breakdown of spending by category, and a list of additional funding sources. The Department of National Defence should not be the only source of funding for a grant proposal.
  6. The DEP accords higher importance to costs that directly support the generation of ideas. As a publicly funded program, applicants are encouraged to carefully assess the amount and relative ratio of funding allocated to hospitality. The DEP will only fund hospitality costs – including per diems, hotel expenses and meals – up to the maximum allowed under the Government of Canada guidelines provided by the National Joint Council at the following address:
  7. If originating from an individual or institution based outside of Canada, applicants should endeavour to form active partnerships with Canadian institutions through their proposed project. Applicants should endeavour to brief members of the Defence Team on the results of the project in Ottawa as part of the project budget.

Additional criteria

  1. Funding cannot be used to offset expenses related to insurance, interest charges, professional services (including audits), utilities, amortization, rent, office overhead (including stationery costs), capital assets, honoraria, to purchase alcohol, or for purposes other than those stated in the proposal.
  2. Funding cannot be used to pay for the participation of Government of Canada employees or Canadian Forces members.
  3. The Department of National Defence reserves the right to request receipts and/or other documentation to assess how project funds are used.
  4. The Department will have the right to participate in events.
  5.  Applicants must acknowledge the support of the DEP by providing written recognition in all materials produced and intended for the public.
  6. Unspent funds must be returned to the Department of National Defence by cheque payable to the Receiver General of Canada.
  7. Successful applicants must provide a financial statement and report on how the project met DND/CF engagement priorities within sixty (60) days of the project's completion.
  8. We would request that you provide to the Department of National Defence a reasonably detailed account of the work undertaken as well as copies of unpublished conference presentations resulting from the award 30 days upon completion of the project.
  9. Recipients will grant a free licence to reproduce or use any information or publications produced from a project for Government of Canada purposes.

If you wish to discuss the eligibility of your proposal prior to submitting it for evaluation, please contact the DEP Program Manager by email at

While we strongly encourage applicants to submit their applications by email, mailed applications for DEP Targeted Engagement Grant Program funding may be forwarded to the attention of:

Defence Engagement Program Manager

Assistant Deputy Minister Policy

National Defence Headquarters

101 Colonel By Drive, 18 NT

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0K2