Military Personnel Generation (MILPERSGEN)

Military Personnel Generation was established on June 3, 2015 with a mandate that spans the personnel generation activities of the Canadian Armed Forces, from military personnel generation requirements and recruiting, through to basic training and common support trade schools, including the Canadian Defence Academy (CDA).

While the CDA continues to exist now as an ‘education group’ composed of the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean) , and the Canadian Forces College (CFC); MILPERSGEN has a broader mandate with the mission of leading the CAF personnel generation system to uphold distinction in the Profession of Arms.

The MILPERSGEN Formation is headquartered at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Kingston, in Ontario, and is also composed of a ‘recruiting group’ known as the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group (CFRG), and a ‘training group’ known as the MILPERSGEN Training Group; both headquartered at CFB Borden, in Ontario.

As per its 2003 Charter, CDA exists to champion lifelong learning, and to promote the professional development of members of the CAF. CDA – within MILPERSGEN ─ will continue to devote efforts to ensure that the CAF Profession of Arms and Professional Development System remains credible and affordable.

MILPERSGEN generates, organizes, and develops CAF members while ensuring that the leadership, character, attributes, and expertise are the main points of effort. MILPERSGEN’s focus is the people; it generates the leaders of today and tomorrow who are prepared to deliver institutional and operational excellence.

As well, the Educational Engagements and Partnerships (EE&P) is the outward facing branch of the MILPERSGEN that advances the long-term intellectual development of military leaders and thinkers. It enhances the Profession of Arms and contributes to the defence diplomacy objectives of DND/CAF by creating strategic educational opportunities through effective engagements and partnerships nationally and internationally.  

Additionally, MILPERSGEN is the CAF training authority for common support occupations and for common professional development training and education. In sum, MILPERSGEN has become an instrumental vehicle to ensure that the CAF training and education needs are met, and that the men and women responsible for conducting operations at home and abroad are fully prepared for their tasks.

From the moment they enroll in the CAF until the day they depart, MILPERSGEN works together with members to broaden their knowledge, teach the skills they require to become a leader and provide first-class training and education programs.

With almost 40,000 trainees taking 352 different training courses in 2012, 41 percent of the CAF was trained by MILPERSGEN multiple schools and colleges that year. MILPERSGEN's responsible for over 900 courses, provides language training to more than 4,000 CAF members, enables e-learning for 48,000 DND and CAF personnel through DNDLearn, and provides 5,000 students a year with continuing education at RMCC. MILPERSGEN by the intermediary of the CFC, a leader in advanced professional development, runs seven advanced courses that graduate over 600 senior military and civilian students, including many from foreign networks.

MILPERSGEN accomplishes this through:

  1. Programs such as:
  1. Activities like:
  1. Tools as:

The strategic aim of MILPERSGEN is overseeing the pan-CAF tools, systems and programs to enable the delivery in the required time of the right number of professionally trained and educated military personnel to succeed in the evolving contemporary operating environment.

Canadian Military Journal

 The Canadian Military Journal is the capstone in-house professional and intellectual bilingual forum and strategic media asset of DND and the CAF. Its core mandate, by Ministerial direction, is to ‘…enhance the continuing development of the profession of arms in Canada, and, in the transaction of public business, to enhance transparency and to better inform the citizens of Canada and the world about Canadian defence policy, issues, and defence initiatives.’ Published quarterly, through its very existence, it serves as a beacon for the encouragement of open, transparent, and constructive dialogue on defence issues. It has evolved into a prestigious and well-respected, refereed quarterly with an outstanding international reputation and a proven record of accomplishment and commitment to excellence. 

Professional Concepts and Leader Development

The Professional Concepts and Leader Development section strengthens the foundations of CAF leadership and the Profession of Arms by capitalizing on the wealth of experience in our Officers and NCMs and articulating these enduring military principles by conducting research, review, analysis, development, synthesis and evaluation of leadership and professionalism.

Professional Concepts and Leader Development (PCLD) generates research, concept development, and doctrine on military leadership, command and the profession of arms to build and support effective military leaders. It is mandated to publish Duty with Honour: The Profession of Arms in Canada, which serves as the intellectual and doctrinal basis for all personnel and professional development policies in the CAF. In addition to this volume, a second set of doctrine publications have been published as the Leadership series of manuals: Leading People, Leading the Institution, and Conceptual Foundations. These materials are used in training and professional development activities throughout the CAF

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Canadian Defence Academy Press

Established in 2005, the Canadian Defence Academy (CDA)  Press mission is to publish scholarly publications that contribute to a Canadian body of operational leadership and profession of arms knowledge that supports the generation of effective military leaders.

By contributing to a Canadian body of operational leadership and profession of arms knowledge, CDA Press informs the general public with regards to the significant contribution of DND and the CAF to Canada.  Furthermore, the press serves as a vehicle to highlight the challenges inherent in the Canadian military experience and its significance to our society.

The CDA Press, in collaboration with its major feeder organizations and end-state users (i.e. the Canadian Forces Leadership Institute, the RMCC and the CFC is responsible for ensuring that its published volumes meet the current and ever changing needs of DND and the CAF. This in turn will help to ensure that military personnel can better meet the challenges of the future. As such, the CDA Press, through its chairman and the editorial board process, is charged by the Commander of CDA to review and assess manuscripts and prepare for publication those works that meet the highest scholarly and professional standards expected of an academic press.

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