Privacy Impact Assessment - Executive Summaries

The Government of Canada is committed to protecting the personal information of Canadians. Privacy, in conjunction with other relevant legislative and policy considerations, is integral to the design, implementation and evolution of all programs and services. Accordingly, on May 2, 2002 the Treasury Board Secretariat issued the Privacy Impact Assessment Policy.

Although often associated with electronic service delivery, Privacy Impact Assessments provide a consistent framework to determine privacy risks inherent in any service delivery channel, including in-person, mail, telephone and on-line services. The ultimate challenge is to assist Canadians in understanding how the government handles their personal information and to trust it to do so responsibly, regardless of the service delivery channel they choose to use. The Privacy Impact Assessment Policy is one of several tools designed to meet this challenge.

When a Privacy Impact Assessment is conducted by the DND/CAF, a summary will appear on this site.