Amongst The Eagles – The Battle of Mount La Difensa

Video / November 7, 2014



Brigadier General Denis Thompson

Commander, Canadian Special Operations Forces Command

Hello. I am Brigadier General Denis Thompson, the Commander of Canada’s Special Operations Forces.

Canada’s Special Operations Forces are among the best trained and most professional in the world. Regardless of the threat or security environment, we stand ready to defend Canada and Canadian interests at home and abroad.

Canadian and American Forces have a long and distinguished record of service together. It is a strong and unique bond –one that continues to grow to this day.

But that bond is not something new. Indeed it was born out of the Second World War. The First Special Service Force, or Devil’s Brigade, was a unique Canadian / American Special Operations formation that saw Canadians and Americans wearing the same uniforms, firing the same weapons and fighting side by side in the same units. They were virtually indistinguishable one from the other.

This short film captures how the legend of the First Special Service Force was born.I commend it to you. Enjoy.

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