HMCS Fredericton Trials and Missile Test Fire

Video / February 6, 2015

HMCS Fredericton tests the upgraded Evolved SeaSparrow missile system.

In November 2014, after Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Fredericton completed her Halifax-class modernization refit, the ship headed south to the coast off Norfolk, Virginia for sea trials and to test-fire the upgraded Evolved SeaSparrow missile system. The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) employs Evolved SeaSparrow Missile Systems as the main above-water warfare defence capability on the Halifax-class frigates.


- Royal Canadian Navy visual identifier shown on screen

- The following text is shown on screen:

  • November 2014 - After HMCS Fredericton completed her Halifax class modernization refit, she headed south to test fire her upgraded SeaSparrow missile systems off Norfolk, Virginia.
  • Novembre 2014 - Après les travaux effectués dans le cadre de la modernisation des navires de classe Halifax, le NCSM Fredericton a mis le cap vers le Sud pour les tirs d’essai de la version améliorée de son system de missile SeaSparrow près de Norfolk, en Virginie.

The video itself is a fast moving montage of Navy activities on board the HMCS Fredericton:

- Crew pulling rope

- Crew on deck of ship

- Crew member looking through binoculars

- Crew member studying sonar images

- HMCS Fredericton sailing in open water

- Crew performing various activities on deck

- Crew performing various activities below deck

- Sailor walking through ship below deck

- HMCS Fredericton sailing on choppy seas with spray splashing on deck

- Orders communicated verbally by multiple crew members

- Missiles fire

- Sea King helicopter takes off from deck

- Camera crew show flying above ship in helicopter

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