Operation LENTUS 15-02

Video / July 27, 2015


Following intense wildfires, the province of Saskatchewan requested help from the Federal Government on 4 July 2015, and on 5 July 2015, the Federal Government asked the CAF to help fight the fires.

Contingency Plan (CONPLAN) LENTUS was immediately put into effect. The purpose of CONPLAN LENTUS is to offer support to the provinces and territories of Canada whose capacity to respond to a major natural disaster is overwhelmed. Once the CONPLAN was in effect, Operation LENTUS 15-02 was up and running.

In total, the CAF deployed approximately 850 members of the Immediate Response Unit (IRU) to conduct both firefighting and support activities. CAF members came from both the Regular and Reserve Forces of the 3rd Canadian Division and were supported by two CH-146 Griffon helicopters from 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron. In addition, approximately 230 vehicles were deployed in the Prince Albert area.

CAF personnel completed wildfire training led by Saskatchewan Wildfire Management, and conducted 12 days of fire line operations, from 8-20 July, in the vicinities of Montreal Lake and La Ronge.

CAF personnel supported local and provincial efforts by:

  • conducting fire line operations including patrols, surveillance, digging and control;
  • conducting fire line operations near cities and critical infrastructure;
  • putting out hotspots in and around vulnerable communities; and
  • providing logistic support such as moving fire hoses.
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