Policing the Frontline

Video / April 18, 2016


When they say we’re Canada’s frontline police force - they mean it. So when you’re deployed to Afghanistan, you’re in the front. Not in the back, not in the side. We’re the one group of people that you can put in the front. And I’m trained, because I’m not just trained in policing, to roll forward.

I was there, I survived it, and I helped a group of people accomplish something. You know Afghan National Police, to sit in front of them and show them a different way, and to help them through something, as tough as that was at the time, that’s gratifying. A hundred percent. Because they needed our help and we gave it to them.

Warrant Officer Barbara Ann Smith, I’m a member of the Canadian Forces Military Police. Currently the post I’m in is Naval Military Police Group Headquarters, as the police operations Warrant Officer. Probably the biggest misconception is that our policing role is very different from civilian police. Not so much. It can be, it just depends on where I am and what I’m doing. But we have many missions, and we still have a country here, and we still have forces in this country, so the detail is very broad. I think people don’t know what we do. Not whatsoever.

I knew I wanted to do policing. Not necessarily military policing, but policing. I was thinking…St. John Police Force or RCMP, but they’re going to pay for my education, and they’re going to pay me while I’m getting the education. I’m in because I don’t come from a wealthy background so, I’m in. Absolutely.

I’m Canadian, and the Canadian Forces prides itself on fit soldiers. And one of the ways they do that is they have programs. Probably one of the most pleasurable parts of my job being military police, is that I get to help people. I’ve made differences in lives, and they weren’t just military members, they were military family members, or personnel working for DND. So when you see the change that you’ve made in someone’s life because you’ve assisted them some way or another, that’s a huge accomplishment.  

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