What’s the difference between HISB and SM?

Harmful and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour (HISB) is an umbrella term that captures in its definition acts that range from inappropriate jokes or comments through to sexual assault. The Operation HONOUR Operation Order describes HISB as “behaviours that are inconsistent with the Profession of Arms.

This behaviour includes but is not limited to:

  • actions that perpetuate stereotypes and modes of thinking that devalue members on the basis of their sex, sexuality, or sexual orientation;
  • unacceptable language or jokes;
  • accessing, distributing, or publishing in the workplace material of a sexual nature;
  • offensive sexual remarks;
  • exploitation of power relationships for the purposes of sexual activity;
  • unwelcome requests of a sexual nature, and/or verbal abuse of a sexual nature;
  • publication of an intimate image of a person without their consent, voyeurism, indecent acts, sexual interference, sexual exploitation, and sexual assault.

Sexual Misconduct (inconduite sexuelle) in accordance with DAOD 5019-5 Sexual Misconduct consists of one or more acts that:

  • Are either sexual in nature or committed with the intent to commit an act or acts that are sexual in nature; and
  • Constitutes an offence under the Criminal Code or Code of Service Discipline (CSD).

Note - Sexual misconduct includes offences such as sexual assault, indecent exposure, voyeurism, and acts involving child pornography. 

As an aside, surfing, downloading, storing, distributing unauthorized content of a sexual nature on Government computers or electronic devices and all other sexual offences listed in the Criminal Code of Canada may be considered acts of sexual misconduct.

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